In the interest of our volunteers and client’s safety, the Sun Prairie Food Pantry has made several changes to keep the Pantry a viable option for those needing our food resources. We are maintaining our same hours of operation and have moved to curbside pick-up only. We are working in concert with the school district and other community partners to provide food for families with children and we are distributing food resources directly to seniors who can't get to us.  Senior citizens who are unable to get to the Food Pantry are encouraged to use a proxy shopper to obtain their food. Seniors who do not have anyone to access the Pantry for them should call 608-513-1044.

We are also Increasing access to food and personal care Items until further notice by allowing households to visit the Pantry every other week as opposed to once every 30 days.

Free Transportation - For clients who do not have a way to get to the Pantry, we will continue to provide free transportation to and from the Pantry. Clients in need of this service should contact the Sun Prairie Taxi Service. Clients are strongly encouraged to sign up for the taxi subsidy available at City Hall.

We have truly been touched and sincerely appreciated the many donations we have received to date and we continue to need your help to sustain our efforts. In the interest of safety, we are requesting financial donations in lieu of donated items to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. If you can, please consider a financial donation through our website or send a check to the Food Pantry at PO Box 611, Sun Prairie.

Obviously, this is a time a of great need and those already facing poverty are impacted the most. With your support, we can provide food to those struggling with job loss and more.

Thank you for helping us help those in need.

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